Sunday, October 18, 2009

Sunday was hot
I was not really that excited about the field trip
It made me melt almost instantly
The class is having a beach seining session
I was amazed by how 'well-dressed' they are
Do they really think they are just coming to the beach, without seining?

It took them near 1 hour to get started
Because no one bothered to answer Prof's questions
& Prof's way of teaching is - if no one answer, she will not proceed
& when a reply is heard & ready to enter the water
No one wants to go in
Because they do not want to get wet


After the 1st group went in
& saw what interesting stuffs they had in their nets

The rest were anxious to get in

The students had fun, I could tell

At the end of the day
Everyone had enjoyed the session
Learnt something new
Brought back new knowledge

& me?
I brought back a mysterious bug bite that swelled to a diameter of 6cm
Not itchy
But painful when I walked

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