Saturday, October 03, 2009

I had a late night gathering with my boys last night
The bunch whom we went Kukup with 3 years ago
Miss them dearly

We had very interesting talks about almost everything
& finally
We're planning to go Bangkok together in December
After 4 years of procrastination!!!!

Finally into the the land of thousand smiles

As we were happily chatting
Something caught my attention

There was a table before me
An adult man & 2 boys, aged +/- 7 years old
What caught my eyes initially was one of the boys
He was fat & had those super chubby face
& he was peeling chocolate coating off the ice-cream
& feeding himself piece by piece
The other boy, thin, was also munching on the ice-cream
The man, then, sat close to the thin boy
Talked to him with close proximity
& then giggling beside his ears as he talked
& suddenly
He kissed the boy


I nudged DarDar beside me
He said nothing
But he knew what I wanna tell him
I continued to observe

The man then disappeared for a moment
To the toilet, probably
& surprisingly the boys sat there playing PSP

I thought
'Why didnt they run away?'

The man came back
This time
His back faced me
He was talking to the fat boy now

I wondered if they're father & son
But their looks are so different!

The man suddenly sat closer to the fat boy
& moved closer
& grabbed the fat boy's arm with force
& pulled it over to touch his dick!!

The fat boy did not retaliate

The man then use his other hand to touch the fat boy's dick

The fat boy froze, did nothing AGAIN!

Pedophile in action!!!

The thin boy reacted abit slow
He stood up minutes later
& called the fat boy to go home together
The man refused to let them go
He grabbed the fat boy by his arm
Hugging him tight at his waist while he was seated

I could see that the shorts of the fat boy was torn with shags
Did he molest the fat boy?

Both of them left in the end

I seriously wondered
Was he a pedophile?

Oh man
Cant believe what I saw

To all parents out there
Please take good care of your kids

I hope the boys are alright

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