Saturday, October 17, 2009

This is so interesting

Pregnant woman says man ignores her in MRT, then female friend snatches seat

Last time
When no one gives a pregnant lady a seat on a crowded public transport
People will feedback, saying how bad that idiot was
That guy should burn in hell, blah blah blah

When no one gives a pregnant lady a seat on a crowded public transport
People asked the pregnant lady :"Did you open your mouth to ask?"

This is funny, in a sense

Do you feel how materialistic Singaporeans had become?

Mediacorp just end all their charity shows asking for donations coz in fact, no one will donate voluntarily and will only donate because it's tax-exempted!!

Did I hit the BINGO?

Jackie Chan was right about his opinions on Singaporeans
Singaporeans do not respect themselves, nor the country
They take things for granted
& so make government place more restricted law & order!

In Taiwan
As seen on TV
Public buses have this priority seat that's catered to people with needs
& NO ONE will sit on it

In Singapore
'Aiyah, no handicapped people will come take bus one la'
That's their reply
& down their ass on the seats
'Aiyah....wanna sit, tell me lo!'

In fact
How many of us ever ask for something from a public?
Have you asked someone next to you if you can use his phone because yours died?

With silent actions
No one will notice the benefits you gain
If one ask
People will notice that it's your shame that you couldnt get it in the first place!

This is total rubbish. Since when are we taught to ask for seats and not give up seats to people who need them?

Singaporeans are getting more & more inconsiderate. Do you even respect your country & yourself as a Singaporean?

Adding onto that, if the answer is No, no one has the right to comment about Zhang Yuan Yuan, who got her PR and left for China in the end.

At least she know who she really is
She is too ashamed to be a Singaporean

I must agree that Americans love to speak their minds so much
That in a way
We do fear every word they say because it could be a demand that we cant supply
But their words tell us what they want
So we can better equip ourselves in the future

'So what?' is the reply to whoever's request
& a rejection is like a life-sentence that no one would want in the first place

Oh man
I think Singaporeans must really wake up
We'd been taught to give seats to people who need them
& not the other way round

*p/s: I'm ashamed too. I have the pink card, but so what? I correct people who call me a Singaporean as I know I'm definitely different from any plain Jane here. Even my personality isnt local. So agreed by my hubby too.

**p/s: if whoever pass by this article and want to comment further or intend to STOMP it, think before you do. Is STOMPing any Tom-Dick-Harry issue worth a big discussion involving 4 million people? If it's the $50 that you're eying for, I can trade a pink paper clip with you.

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