Friday, October 23, 2009

Today is a havoc day!

I had field trip to MacRitchie Reservoir with the students

Where they were introduced the primary and secondary forests
By identifying the height of the canopy
& some tropical plant species

Had nice chats with the students
They were interested in my research
As well as my nationality

Apparently they realised I'm not local
Donno heard from who though

Had a particularly long chat with one of the students
She was worried about her revisions
Especially about terrestrial habitat & plant diversity

So somehow
I became her mentor for half hour

After a 2.5hours in MacRitchie
Dr L sent me back home since he was on the way to Woodlands

Had a short break
& headed to Dairy Farm Nature Park with another group of students

They were having class in the Wallace Educational Learning Lab (WELL)
& also a walk-about outside the room

This is my first time to DFNR
Not every impressive with the place
Probably I didnt have enough time to explore this place
Or that I was already damn sick of trees this morning
But I like it
Coz it's near

It took me 20 mins to walk to the park at normal pace!
Probably 10 mins to cycle

At the end of the day
My legs were damn tired from the whole-day walking
But the trips definitely woke my brains up

I'm so ready to charge at my assignments NOW!

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