Thursday, October 29, 2009

A TV commercial just sparked me to talk about this
A promotional commercial by Itacho sushi (ION Orchard) where they were happily showing off their frozen blue-fin tuna in the background

DarDar pointed out to me first while I was typing on my assignment
& when I saw it
I was damn disappointed

First of all
They are selling blue-fin tuna
It's by Itacho sushi from Hong Kong
Itacho sushi is condemned in HK because they use the endangered blue-fin tunas that had alerted WWF(HK)
& now it is present in SG!

So what does it say?
The expansion of its branches means more demand for the endangered species!!

This is the HK version of the commercial

Singapore's one only added the photo of ION Orchard at the end of the clip

I used to get excited when I saw such a large piece of meat over the small ball of rice
Which I think is economically advantageous
Who would wanna pay $1.50 for the ball of rice anyway?

But I'd stopped thinking that way
I'd reduced my sashimi consumptions in Japanese restaurants too
Only ordering poultry dishes

I attended the screening of 'The end of the line' months ago
& WWF (SG) said they're aware of the fishery problems worldwide
& is taking actions to increase public awareness in Singaporeans
They're going to make tiny booklets that have lists of fishes which are sustainable, endangered & vulnerable to extinction
They are still going round the island doing market research
& no idea how long it will take to come out with one

I heard from DarDar's cousin that there's one restaurant in Greenwood Ave
That sells all types of seafood
Including orange roughy

Orange roughy is endangered due to overfishing
& is replaced by Hoki
Which is also endangered!

I need to go to that restaurant & see the menu for myself

I am sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo disappointed by WWF (SG)
WWF(HK) had already made their first move
They have it on the web
& even came out with a petition

What are the officers in WWF (SG) doing?!
They should take priority to stop or mitigate the impacts
Instead of dwelling onto their current project which take years to complete!

I'm writing in to Itacho sushi (SG) to feedback
I know chances of them listening are low
Because the boss is from HK!
But with increasing opposition voices from the public
It's just hard for them to retaliate

Same thing for The Cove
to those who'd watched it
Cetaceans slaughters had ended (hopefully)

Sad future for the fishes if this carries on
Likewise for our source of food in the future
When fishes are gone
We can only stick to chicken, pork & beef
Who knows we'll start eating each other too!

I urge you, my friends
To be aware of what you're eating every meal
Whether it's the calories amount or whatever
Try to know where they come from
Especially fishes
Are they from a sustainable captured fishery or sustainable aquaculture?

Think for the future

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