Wednesday, October 21, 2009

I just came back from a dim sum buffet with DarDar at Hotel Miramar
It was a very in-promptu decision
Because I was craving for dim sum last night

We were, however, full when we were on our 4 dishes out of the 9 ordered
We even wanted to resort to hiding food under the table or dumping them into the bins as we pass by toilet
Because we will be charged for uneaten food
But in the end
We managed to complete all


Went for a stroll along The Quayside
since it's along the way to our bus stop back home

Nice place
Wonder why I didnt visit there before

We made our way to Liang Court
A place where i lasted visited 12 years ago
We went to the Medi-Ya (a Japanese supermarket)
& the beef that they're selling made DarDar so tempted to buy

It's not those normal beef from Malaysia or wherever
It's U.S Black Angus, Rockdale & Wagyu beef!!!
The price was a shocker though
$28.90 per 100g for Wagyu

We also headed to Audio House
Which they claimed to be the largest electronics store in Singapore
Selling all types of electric branded models
I was, however, very fascinated by this aquarium that has Olympus underwater cameras in it

I wasnt interested in the camera
Because I already have my lovely Fujifilm
I was in fact interested in the organisms in the tank!
The sand goby is so cute!
It filters sand grains to feed
& it amazed me so much thinking how it does it!

DarDar said his previous sand goby died because it suffocated itself with the sand grain
That was what I was wondering about
Simply, how does he do that effectively without choking?

We continued our walk towards Central
Stopped to have Hokkaido ice-cream
Which melted at a rate of 5ml per 5 seconds
Is it because of its special promotion of having 2 flavours at only $2.60? (U.P. $3.80 per scoop)
Cheap price = low quality?

Weather's too hotttttttttttttttttttttt
I bet the ice-cream must be hard frozen back in Hokkaido

Sleepy feeling kicked in on the bus journey
Eyes closing to the standard 4pm nap

Another afternoon gone
With a short day out with DarDar

For the next 2 weeks
Other than school trips
I will be mugging at home (I hope unless strong temptations lure me away)
Must acclimatise my brains to 'Animal Behaviour' & 'Fisheries'
Too much snails in the way

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