Monday, October 26, 2009

My Grandpa had passed away on 24 October 2009
After a long fight with colon cancer
I only received the news on 25 October morning
Because I was in JB
& my mobile cant read the Chinese SMS that Dad sent

Mum rushed back on 18 Oct
I arranged the flight for her
Grandpa hung on till she was back
& left peacefully after seeing all his children

My relationship with Grandpa was weak
My grandpa was a quiet man
who made communication with anyone minimal
I was shy to talk to him too
All I had been saying to him was 'Grandpa, I'm going out'
When I was back in Hong Kong

Grandma died on my birthday
13 years ago
Now Grandpa & Grandma are re-united in their own world

Mum lost both her parents
I'm standing strong with her
When she's old & gone
I hope my children stand strong with me

The cycle repeats

It feels sad to have lost someone forever
But this is inevitable
One has to learn to let go
& remember the wonderful memories left behind
So that the world ahead moves on

I learn about birth and death
& I'm feeling it as I age
I'll be experiencing it

There's probably nothing to be afraid of
If you've achieved most things in life
Sentence like 'Live life to fullest' is not just a passive sentence
It really means it

I hope Grandpa is happy
& will always be

So will all of us

Thanks for being my Grandpa, Grandpa

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