Thursday, October 22, 2009

I'm addicted to instant porridge lately
Especially that by Knorr, bought from Phuket

I'd tried those by Maggi
But they are so salty!
As if they are processed with 100 tonnes of salt making 100 parts per thousands

But Knorr ones are just right
The taste is there with generous amount of toppings such as dried minced meat, veggies, etc
& the toppings depends on the flavour you buy
Flavours such as carrot, broccoli, corn & mushroom are those available in Phuket
& I bought them all!
I bought 2 each & each only cost 10THB (~SGD0.40)


Best of all
It is low in calories
Good for maintaining low-fat diet

DarDar also said it is nice
& regretted for not buying the whole box back

We will
Next year
40kg of luggage full of noodles, porridge & other food

People go Thailand to shop for clothing
We go shop for groceries

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