Wednesday, June 03, 2009

My virgin trip to Borneo - Kuching & Sabah
& my first time on 3 flights within 1 week!

Kuching looks almost like Singapore
Their bus-stops are those old orange shelters with orange seats
& even their 'Press-for-Green-man' was similar!

Our TuneHotel, just opposition Hilton & near the WaterFront, was too good for its price

It cost us only RM$101 (~SGD$43) for 3 nights!

We met up with DarDar's cousin
& she brought us to her husband's restaurant where we had our dinner
The food was nice & cheap!
Their satays are the specialty dish & their satay sauce is the main attraction
We had this vegetable dish stir-fried with belachan
& it is so nice that I ate up the whole plate!
The vegetable is a type of wild plant or fern only found in Borneo known as Bilin (Stenochlaena palustris)
Taste like very fine, crunch 'Huang di miao' 皇帝苗
DarDar's cousin then brought us to chill out at this cafe that belongs to his husband's friend
I like its decoration & atmosphere

DarDar's niece - Cheyanne came along
What an adorable girl =)

Their cakes are cool too
Had this Pandan Coconut CHEESECAKE & a Red-wine Cheesecake for dessert
After that
We went to another cafe to chill out
This cafe is so cool that it inspired me & DarDar to venture into F&B business

That night
DarDar's stomach almost burst
Way too much food

Next day
We headed for our local tour with our tour guide - Rosli to Bako National Park
It's one of the recommended destination to most tourists
A half-hour drive from Kuching city to Kampung Bako
Where you take another 20mins boat ride to this island

Trekking is the main activity
& enjoy the beautiful rock formation due to wave erosion
Followed by spotting wild proboscis monkeys (Nasalis larvatus), silver leaf monkey (Trachypithecus cristatus) and long-tail macaques (Macaca fascicularis)

We were lucky
We managed to see all three species

After being back on Kuching city and had our dinner
We went to Sunday Market
Which is just pasar malam that sells even PETS!

The next day
We went to Fairy Cave & Wind Cave with Rosli
They're caves which have legends
& both infested with bats & some other funny cave creatures

Visited an abandoned goldmine at Kampung Bau & a pottery factory
The ceramics are so nice!
Too bad I cant bring back =(

Another yummy dinner at a Tze-char store

Our last day ended with a lunch with DarDar's cousin & Cheyanne
& a short visit to the Ethology museum

Can you see the skulls among the hays?
The skulls could be real as the culture behind this head-hunting existed among the dayaks in Sarawak
Although this head-hunting had stopped, Rosli claimed that a head was found among the tribe in 2007!!

DarDar said that the next time he visits Kuching
He wants to stay in the longhouse for a cultural tour

*shivers in fear*

Our Kuching trip lasted for 4D3N
Although it was short
We learnt alot of things about Sarawak
& we'll definitely be back for a longer trip
For food, food & FOOD!

Heading to Kota Kinabalu, Sabah!!

***More photos here

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