Sunday, May 31, 2009

I hate to accept the fact that

Life in East Malaysia is slow
Real slow
We spent whole day outdoor
Perspiring & sun-burnt like hell
Only to realise we got to return to our hotels ALWAYS before 5pm
& even after dinner
Time never passed 8pm no matter how slow we ate!!

Considering I'm a real slow-eater
Time in Borneo is even passing at a slower rate!

We didnt have internet access & TV for the complete 9 days
Absolutely fabulous to stay away from technology
Ignorant to know that Singapore had her 5th H1N1 victims
& the 150 unread emails in my Inbox, of which 60% are spams

Our planned trips turned out well
Especially Kuching's
I swear I'll be back for more adventures, souvenirs & food!

I'd just sorted out my 995 photos
Will update my trips again after I'd gained my rest

I hate to think of my research work ahead of the year

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