Thursday, May 07, 2009

My 1.5 hours session almost killed me

Every panel members said that my presentation was good
I think my nerves had gotten me
Prof too thinks that it was my nerves *damn nerves*
& made me unable to questions simple questions properly

I am so mad with myself

Prof congratulated me
& asked if I'm happy

'I donno wanna be happy or not. There's a longer path ahead with more responsibility and stress'
'Aiyah. Just happy for today , can or not?'
'Ok ok ok... =p'

I need to work harder
& to get this done by end of 2010

It's only remaining 1.5yrs!

At this point in time
I'd also like to thank everyone for their support & encouragement
& I'd also really appreciate everyone's support & encouragement in the future

After saying all this
I dont feel happy despite the official status


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