Saturday, May 02, 2009

Cookie looks sad today

He ran towards me when he saw me in the morning
Wanted to play 'paw' with me
Wanted to lick me
& wanted me to pet its head

But I rejected coz he has been stinky like hell

He's such an adorable bugger
Always whines when it sees me
As if he's acting pathetic so I would play with him more

& he succeeded

Everyone loves his partner, Max
Because he's so tame
But, in fact I love him more than Max at first sight
I know he's my type when I first saw him

His personality is totally different from Max
Underneath his fierce look
He's just another innocent, playful chap

He knows I always bring food for him
& feed him with my bare hands
He never bites me
Although people claimed he had bitten others

He also doesnt let people pet his head
Except me
Which amazed almost everyone around

I was told that he's gonna be captured
Out of where he belongs

His eyes look teary
As if he's trying to tell me
'I dont wanna go...'

I hugged him in the end
Despite his seriously stinky body
& he allowed me to hug him

The best moments between the both of us

He has been here for so long
& he did not do anything harmful to anyone
Just dont understand why he's forced to go away
Cookie avoids me when I wanna take photo with him
He thinks that the camera is a threat as it's facing him directly

But today
He posed quietly with me

I think he knew it
We wont see each other again

I wish I have the ability to adopt
He's such a nice dog
Sometimes behaving stupid yet adorable

We barely know each other for only a year
& we're so close
He will come look for me if I'd gone out of his sight for long
& follow me wherever I go

He knows what I'm talking
Especially when I call 'Come, Cookie, Come!'
He makes me happy

If not for him
My fieldwork hasnt been that enjoyable
As my companion while I work alone
As my bodyguard as I walked the shore alone
As my guard who watches me from far and ensure I'm safe
As my friend who's there for me everyday

I feel how it feels to own a dog

I'm gonna miss it so much
I hope he'll escape euthanasia
If they're gonna bring him to NANAS
I promise I will visit him often

But his future whereabouts are unknown

Can only hope that everything is gonna be fine

Thanks Cookie
I love you
We all do

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