Thursday, May 07, 2009

Despite the weird feeling
& the strong urge to 'kill' myself for the foolishness
I must say, I enjoyed the dinner
Thanks Prof!

We went to D'Kranji Resort
& we ate at Atlantis Seafood Restaurant
Prof ordered kailan with dried beancurd, fried indonesian chicken, steamed shark, assam shark & garlic leatherjacks
You read the word 'shark'

First time eating shark!
It's very soft & smooth
Anybody without a good set of strong teeth surely can eat

DarDar came along as well =)
Thanks DarDar for his full day support today

Behind the restaurant
There're tanks that hold the seafood before they're freshly cooked

This guy just caught 4 lobsters for his customers
& we just ate those sharks in the bottom tankSo now we know what to do to the sharks when DarDar fished them out of the sea

We walked around the area

Looks very much like farmmart
Just that Farmmart doesnt have the chalets

My shi-jies & Prof =)
Back home
We had an uninvited guest

We spent 30 minutes trying to catch this bugger
Coz it kept flying around in the room

The grossest grasshopper(?)

Oh anyway
I'll try to be happy for the remaining 1hour

I cant wait to go for my Sabah trip
A desperate getaway meanwhile

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