Saturday, June 27, 2009

Finished my field trip early today =)
Reached home around 11am

Just uploaded my photos from HK trip

The evening sky en route Hong Kong
Prof Gray Williams giving the welcome speech
We had 4 days discussing littorinids
2 days of fieldtrips
1 @ Cape D'aguilar
1 @ Big Wave Bay
& workshop learning techniques needed for my project
Met other scientists from other countries within Asia & one from Africa
I am glad I get to know these people
Sharing interests with such people make life happier

We had great talks, great chill-out & great food

I couldnt portrait this as life of a scientist
Until now

I'd always thought all scientists are as crazy & nutty like Einstein
Looks like we're the bunch NOT!

The short 4 days of workshop made me wanna cry on the last minute of the last day
This trip sure was a memorable one
Now I cant wait to go to Phuket next year for my conference!

I too traveled up north to Guangzhou with Mum for a shopping trip

Bought damn lotsa stuffs
Spent every single cent of my RMB$400
I will return for more with DarDar next time!

This basically is it
My 2009 Hong Kong trip
with 7 days of diahorrea (which stops on the day I returned SG)
No nice food eaten
& drained wallet of HKD$2000

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