Tuesday, June 23, 2009

I'm coming back SG in 24hours time
& this is the first time I am desperate to leave HK

I didnt enjoy the time spent
Probably coz DarDar isnt around
& Mum had left earlier
Leaving me alone having nowhere to go

I mean
I'm so damn familiar with the places in HK
Where can I be interested in?

I think I will not extend my stay for TOO long the next time round
Come for workshop/meeting, gone for home

I could work on my stuffs
But I'm too lazy to even pull them out from my file
The sight of billion words on the papers gives me headache

I'm so excited about the collaborative project that I'm involved
This will be one of my biggest achievements during my academics
I'm very grateful that Prof Gray Williams remembers me & gives me this opportunity
Even his staffs joked that Gray misses me
& that's why they get to see me every year still

I miss Gray too
After I was back in SG 3years ago
Thankfully we still keep in touch =)

The TV shows in the afternoon sucks
& I'm reluctant to use this crawling-slow internet anymore
I guess I have no choice but to repack my already packed luggage again for the 3rd time

Thanks Jasinda for the increased baggage limit

Mum had left most of her HK shopping items for me to carry back
But to her
It's like coming back home
I have no choice but to help

I think I need to sort out my life properly when I'm back SG
Too many things going on within a short period of time
& I'm going bonkers already
Now I'm thinking of my next R&R trip

Tell me life in SG is not stressful

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