Saturday, June 13, 2009

Chek Jawa was crowded like hell
I've never seen it being so crowded
There were almost 700 people there before 12pm

Met several people too
Like some of my students, who waved 'Hi' to me across the boardwalk
& some volunteers

I'd also met a brainless man teaching his children
Kids:"Dad, what is that girl doing?"
Brainless father:"Oh, a sea lion on the rock!"
As I turned to my right side to jot down my data
Brainless father:"Wah, this sea lion can write! So clever!"

I looked up at him
He shut the fuck up

I bet he didnt even know that this 'sea lion' has a PhD scholarship!
But he's right about one thing
This 'sea lion' is clever


Imagine years ahead
His kids are keen to do Rocky shore ecology,like I did
Basking under the sun
Tolerating the heat stress
Studying the animal's behaviour
& then the next generation of another brainless father go tell his kids saying the same thing that their dad had said before
How would they feel?

I felt frustrated
Not humiliated
I'm OK to be teased
It's fine
Since no one knows how Ecology are studied
Neither does anyone really know what Ecology is
I wont mind to explain if that brainless father had not known me as a marine mammal with flippers
He should rightfully explain to his kids that I WAS DOING RESEARCH!

Now I wanna scold KNNBCCB

From this
I realised that Singaporeans have narrow mindset
Dont see the big picture
Dont understand the tiniest matter

Tsk tsk tsk

I'm flying to Hong Kong tomorrow
Finally packed 80% of my stuffs
But presentation slides still undone!!!
Gonna do that on the plane

I'm so gonna miss DarDar & Mong Mong
& my durians

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