Sunday, June 28, 2009

After my fieldwork on the rock today
I headed out to the coral rubble & took a look
As well as helping out in animal seeking for the guides who are doing guided walk at the sand bar

Was hoping to get an octopus for the crowd
& i found a Denison's nudibranch
As I walked a bit further
I found a big fish trap!
In it, there were alive catfish & a toadfish

Brenda & I carried the whole net back to the shore
& let the guides educate the crowded about illegal & unsustainable fishing

Evelyn told me to join them as Ubin volunteers

I'd love to
but not now
I'm always doing my survey during low tides
Which clashes with guided walks too!

So anyway
I'd still be pleased to help out at ad-hoc basis

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