Thursday, June 04, 2009

Our Sabah trip almost 'killed' us
Both physically & mentally

First of all
We didnt do much research on that place as I was busy working on my presentation earlier
& the fact that DarDar never assist in doing research & always get me to do
We went there fearing this fearing that
Like we will get lost & missed all our booked packages, etc...

But since I'm writing this entry
It meant we survived

Cab is the best solution if you have no idea how to go to your destination
A RM$40 trip to OneBorneo from the airport

Oh yes
TuneHotel again

I love TuneHotel (concluded after these trips)
Sabah's TuneHotel is so special that I almost fall in love with it
It is IN a shopping mall!

Seaworld was not opened yet
& this gave me an excuse to be back again. Hohoho
New York New York for dinner at half of the price in Singapore!

After the meal
We realised it was only 8+pm
Time in Sabah is slow too

The next day
We checked out for our Mount Kinabalu climb
Headed to KK city for the long-distance bus
Which is small & cramp

My -_- look explained it

After 2 hours...

We spent a night at the base camp which was full of moths

DarDar said that's Mount Kinabula ahead
"Ah... Not that high", I said
DarDar said:"You look carefully!"
As the clouds moved away...

My fear added on

Our journey started the next day
It was tedious
& the distance never seem to end despite the many steps one walks
There are signboards at every 500m
& in my mind
500m is just a one-round walk in the stadium + another 100m
But that 500m seems like it never comes!

I was also worrying about the high altitude sickness
& at the same time
We were desperate to reach the resthouse - Laban Rata at mid-level

Tell me about it
What is nicer than a cup of hot milo?

I told DarDar we must not give up now
We'd already climbed half-way
We must reach the summit!

Our climb continued at 230am
& with tiny steps & rests
We reached the summit at 6am for sun-rise

Too bad our fingers were frozen
If not I'd have like 100+ photos at the summit
It was really damn fucking cold @ ZERO degree Celsius!

With just a short break
We had to get back to the bottom of the mountain
It was fucking scary
Especially for a person who fears extreme height (i.e., me)
& getting down the steep slope by rope caused me to hyperventilate
& getting down the steep steps made my legs break

By the time we were down
We grabbed our stuffs & left for our TuneHotels by cab
We didnt care at all!
Our whole body ached like no fucking business
We were desperate to lie on beds!

Both of us were damn awake
Couldnt sleep
& headed for Secret Receipe for dinner -_-

How can I not dive when I'm in Sabah? (or any other places with beautiful waters?)
Despite the bodyaches
We headed for our dives at Tunkul Abdul Rahman Marine Park with Dive DownBelow

The dives were good
But visibility was average
About 8 to 10m
Our dive masters - Cyril & JC were very friendly too =)

Our bodyaches seemed to disappear while we were in the water
But we were wrong after minutes back on land
They got worse!
& our heads hurt during ascends
I was so afraid that my brains would burst!

So much 'pressure' for the trip

Last day of the trip
We went sightseeing & shopping in KK City

Hours before our morning flight & on our way to airport =(

We will be back Sabah for more adventures

***More photos here

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