Monday, March 09, 2009

Today is so NOT my day

Had a hair styling session this morning
Was told to reach at 930am
Dilly-dally reached at 10am
Hair stylist only reached at 12pm
Wasted my time that I could have gone for my gym!

The hair stylist was so damn slow
Colour mixing based on instinct

I started at 1pm
Ended at 7pm
Like, what the hell?
I was late for my night appointment!

Brisk-walked to the bus-stop
& suddenly
A yellow stuff splattered onto me
I looked down

Thai chilli sauce?
Some ccb must be eating something at the overhead bridge when I passed by
The splat was so big
That it stained my t-shirt & skirt
& made me looked as if I am the one who stained myself like I have no idea how to eat properly!


I was cursing & swearing non-stop

Everything's just so irritating today

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