Wednesday, March 11, 2009

DarDar & I were supposedly heading to gym in the morning
But we were too lazy to get up
& we only woke up around 11am

DarDar suggested we have lunch in JB
& there we went!

We headed to kim Gary HK Cafe in CitySquare
Ordered a hotplate steak set, baked spaghetti with beef steak & french fries with minced beef sauce
As we ate
We realised all our food is beef

We joined the Kim Gary membership as well
Given so many voucher
& we could use it on the spot
Our bill summed up to $54+
But we only paid $49 in the end

We were sooooooooo damn full after the meal
So much for my slim-down plan =(

Shopped around at the 4th level
Bought a pair of heeled wedge!
Had been looking for one everywhere but design was ugly
But I found one today finally!
Priced at $69.90
& after 20%
Only $59+

Please be reminded all prices are in Malaysian Ringgit

DarDar also bought a pair of slippers at $10
With cute little kangaroo prints on the sole

Mr Baoz finally opens!
& we bought 1 dozen of buns back
So nice ok!?

Had seen these on TV so many times in those Taiwan food shows
& I'm glad it's found somewhere near Singapore
It tastes very nice
What makes it special is that
The bun is not those usual bun we see in breadtalk/four leaves/xxx bread shops
It's made of those mantou or char siew bao bun!
The fillings are just right too
With the taste totally blended in with the sweet bun as you chew

Although it's abit over-priced (RM$39.90 for 12 buns, promotion at $29.95 now)
I think it's still worth a try
Given the popularity among most Taiwaneses

After a 3 hours lunch
We headed back SG
Traffic was so smooth that I think the time spent traveling is the same as traveling to Orchard

Same time spent
Different amount of money spent (due to currency exchange)

I enjoyed today

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