Monday, March 30, 2009

I'm back from Dayang

This trip isnt that nice from most of my previous trips
Didnt get to see new species
But I managed to see my bumphead parrotfish again

& I also managed to take macro shots of tiny species
like this transparent anemone shrimp
& this triplefin on the rock surface

Christmas tree worms

Was also particularly interested in cleaner wrasse after attending the seminar presented by Baha last Tuesday

Cleaner wrasse dances while it waits for its client
Open water divers doing their skills

My night dive almost turned into a nightmare
I nearly lost my camera during my descent
But luckily I signalled to Edwin & he got it for me

Rayner's rock

Classic shot by Marianne
A titan triggerfish passed by behind me
As I happened to look back to check out Marianne

Safety stop

The group
Next dive trip in May @ Tunkul Abdul Rahman Marine Park =)

*More photos of Dayang trip at here & here

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