Friday, March 20, 2009

This week has finally come to the end
Thank Dog

I'm so tired that I collapsed immediately when I reached home yesterday
& slept from 4pm to 530am the next day
But I'm still tired now

This week's data is good
As well as being fun

A good & beautiful morning to greet your day

Sun rays penetrating through the thick cloud

Yet another fallen tree while on way in Chek Jawa

Saw many different species of birds

I love my hornbill shot so much
My first clearest & nearest shot so far
If only I have a DSLR =(

Closest encounter with a fearless fiddler crab
Played with Cookie
While Cookie played with a monitor lizard
Trekked out of Chek Jawa for some exercises
Extremely muddy feet

Whatever it is
I'm gonna have my rest over the weekend, I hope

So much more things to do next week still

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