Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Just a day after my dive trip
I cant sleep at all
Kept thinking of how my indoor experiments are gonna work at this rate
When my technicians are not replying my emails
Not updating me with what i requested
& not helping me to get my procedures started!


I have 5 indoor experiments to conduct
& I need to acclimatise my snails before I can work on it!
Still dangling with the paperwork
Which is as easy as digging nostrils

You know how funny these people are?
Technician A is in charge of lab items
Technician B is in charge of funds processing
I already got the quotation from external engineers
Requested them to process for me
Tech A sent email tell me that he is asking that external engineer to change something in the quotation & then the set-up can be done
He also asked me to notify Tech B for the transaction
Ok I wait
Tech B then sent email ask me if it's under my Prof's fund
No, it's not
& I asked her to clarify with Tech A coz he was the one who tell me that I can get my tanks done under their funds
So I wait again

1 fucking bloody week
No one replied me
& Knn
Tech A & Tech B sit beside each other in their lab office
Need so long to get back to me?
& why must Tech A send email to ask me to send email to Tech B?
& why cant Tech B just ask Tech A?

I'm so having a deja vu of stupid office-politic people
Sending emails here & there the whole fucking day
Just to pass the working hours

I only have 1.5 years to complete
& I'm already stressing out already
Because my experiments are not easy, you know!

Just cant sleep....
Back to insomnia
Really what the fuck!

While I couldnt sleep
I was also thinking of this story that this Malay guy told me as we chatted on the ferry back Mersing from P. Dayang
He used to work on P. Sibu for the Sibu Resort
& he was introducing me the surrounding Mersing islands as the ferry sailed past

He told me about P. Pemanggil
How his friend & the family disappeared from the island one day while they returned there to collect bonsai for sale on mainland
No body was found on land nor in sea
But their boats remained
It had been 4 years that they're gone
& this Malay guy was still praying for them

His father who was chatting with me too
Said that there're invisible inhabitants on the islands
Defending their land from outsiders who keep returning to take things from them

The Malay guy then told me about another island which I couldnt catch the name
The same thing happened to his friends
& he told me that P. Pemanggil, that island & P. Aur
Make a Malaysian version of 'Bermuda Triangle' if joined up with an imaginary boundary


He then told me about Pulau Besar
It is the island where the Dutch came over to have their Dutch version of 'The Survivor'
But we never got to watch this on TV

P. Rawa is a private island owned by a pair of lawyer couple
Best place for honeymoon
But prices are high there

Of all my dive trips
This is the only return trip that i didn not sleep throughout the journey
& talked to strangers
But I'm glad they're good strangers
who told me about Malaysia & its islands

I wont mind visiting these other islands in Malaysia
That is if there're people interested to go with me

But before I drift off to these beautiful islands
I better get back & drill myself to my experiments

More frustrating emails to be sent

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