Thursday, March 31, 2011

The recent man-made disaster arose from Japan has become a more major concern than the deathtoll from tsunami

Yes, although it's saddening to know that so many lives are gone
It's even more saddening how this secondary disaster is causing a world-wide disaster

I'm talking about the nuclear radiation

The radioactive elements that leaked from the damaged plants
are now invading every environment
Be it just next or furthest to the plant
As far as North America

Shocking isnt it?

I'd all these expected

I studied geography
I understand how Coriolos effect works
So it's expected that radioactive particles will eventually reach the other side across the ocean

While it can reach the other side
It must have affected Pacific Ocean some way or another
The marine environment as deep as 40m
All animals affected

I'm not exaggerating!
You know how tiny molecules are
Small surface area:volume has large impact on absorption!

My dad still said he is going to visit Jeju, Korea
He said the particles only reach USA
That the wind blow over to the East
& not to West

Fancy my Dad spoke with wisdom when I was young

I told him that it will affect world-wide
It will keep on blowing in a signle direction
Until all unaffected area be affected
Because the Earth is round

This kinda thing works like diffusion
From a medium of high concentration of particles to a medium of low concentration of particles

It really pissed me off when my Dad insisted his Korea trip
Until a week later (which is now)
News broadcast that Korea & Asia are affected


I admit I'm not modern Nostradamus
But this is by pure science knowledge
It sucks seeing people disagreeing & disapproving my effort to warn them about the possible harm that can occur
Challenged me to becoming an idiot

I then find further supporting evidence to prove that this radiation leak is more disastrous than any other natural disaster

Look at the half-life, everybody

Nope, not the game
I mean, half-life of the radioactive particles
The time taken for the radioactive particles to decay, to become less harmful

There were several types of radioactive elements that had been leaked
Several because no one except the Japanese themselves knows the the exact number of the types of elements they had
They only announced 2 initially
namely Iodine-131 & caesium-137

Luckily, Iodine-131's half-life is only 8 days
& thus, we can all assume that most of it have been decayed, unless there're still storage of this Iodine-131 left 'un-leaked'
Then we have caesium-137
This is more severe because it's half-life is 30years
So by the time a present 5 years old child turns 35
Japan is considered caesium-137 free

The more shocking news came
News showed Japanese nuclear plant's officers bowing non-stop for apology
& announced that other more severe radioactive elements are leaked
such as Plutonium

& Plutonium's half-life is a FUCKING 241000 years!

Given any long-lived person around the world surviving generations & generations
It simply means that the Earth is still gonna be contaminated until 241000 years later

Even the most healthy guy around will just get affected
No matter where he is
Or maybe
Would Earth still exist by then?

I understand how governments are trying their very best to assure everyone that we are safe
& that a little radiation wont hurt

But then everything can be explained by biology
That totally depends if your body is efficient enough to disintegrate & excrete the absorbed particles
If the rate of excretion is slower than the rate of absorption
This promotes bioconcentration
While we gain energy from food sources
The affected food further leads to bioaccumulation
Our whole system is simply imbalanced

Frankly speaking
I'm resigning to this
There's nothing we can do now
Simply cant escape in all manners
Not that I'm awaiting death to fall upon me
But it's time for us to get our ass kicking to do more meaningful things

Since we're in this fate
We shall just go ahead & live

The Japanese affected by tsunami are picking up their lives
So had the Indonesians & Thais since 2007
Nothing is gonna stop us

It would however be good that we all learn from these incidents to be a stronger person
& be grateful for everyday you live

& hope Earth be saved (& safe) soon

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