Tuesday, March 01, 2011

In a blink of an eye
It''s now March


Jan was busy
Feb was fun
March is hell, with lotsa assignments to rush before April

Why does Earth have to spin this fast?

Feb was fabulous
I enjoyed it
Chinese New Year was exciting this year
Since we had invited the lion dance troop to celebrate at DarDar's house
& then I went to Universal Studio Singapore with DarDar to celebrate Valentine's day

Oh this V-day trip is all planned by DarDar
In fact
I'd totally forgotten what's so special about 14 Feb until he showed me the face

USS was fun
Amazingly it was crowded with people even on a weekday
Most of the rides were however too adventurous
Only the brave hearts could take it
DarDar went on Galactica Battlestar TWICE!!

The next Feb week was followed by our Desaru roadtrip
I bought this Pulai Desaru Beach package online at SGD80 for 2d1n
The room was enormously huge!

Although it said garden view, we could still see the sea!

My parents came along too
& they were having fun as well
That's very nice since it had been years I last took them out for short fun
We went go-karting, fishing @ kelong, firefly cruise & seafood dinner

The durians we bought from the Desaru Fruit Farm was gorgeoooooooooussssss
It's so fragrant I could almost died of over-satisfaction

Following this Desaru trip
I had a lab outing to Pulau Hantu
Because one of our fellow labmates is to do her research on that secluded island
& we all accompanied her for a recee trip

As usual
I always wandered off to the lagoon & mangroves to look at corals & snails ;)

The last week of Feb
I indulged myself into field & labwork
My labwork didnt seem to be successful
& that I lack specimens & equipment isnt helping me to complete them in time


I have yet analyse my stupid proteomics data
Feel like dying in one corner so people wont hunt me for my report

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