Thursday, February 24, 2011

These 2 weeks had been crazily busy

I was back on track to work
Spent the whole of last week attending lectures (which I actually just sat in)
& had been spending time re-thinking my data analysis
& sighing at the fact that I needa re-do most of them (whatta fuck)
Spent some time with the monkeys (aka DarDar, Mong Mong & Toby)after dinner
& dropped dead at night

DarDar has started work
He is now teaching students about multimedia
& I think he is having fun

I'm getting out to Ubin as usual for my snails
& back school for my research
Now we hardly have time to each other
Probably only a mere 3 hours before bed time

That's working life, isnt it?
I think this is horrible
Imagine we're gonna have kids in the future?
How would working 14 hours a day (for me) help in family bonding?

Mom thought we went out to play & skip dinner every night coz we returned home together
But little did she know DarDar picked me up from school

I think we just need to adjust life alittle to make the world go round

Also, in the past 2 weeks
I had fun-filled activities
But I didnt have time to blog about it
Gimme another few more days


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