Monday, March 07, 2011

My 2nd insomnia since I'm back
& I can foresee it's gonna be get frequent when my deadlines are here

It was really irritating not being able to sleep
Not because of panic attack but thoughts kept running through my mind
& the next day
I woke up with heavy head + intense headache

I hope this will be gone soon
& NEVER return
Must try to manage my tasks better than before

I'm so desperate that I'm calling up tour agent for quotations to Phuket
A short relaxation getaway right after my submission of report
But apparently the phone operator was pissing me off
For every word I said
She was unable to listen properly
A 'F' can be heard as 'T'
'Cynthia' as 'Jennifer'
These alphabet/name have entirely different syllabus!
How on Earth could she have done that?!

Can I call her amazing?

Wah biang
Wanna kill myself further

I sometimes hope that people can be much smarter
So unnecessary & nonsensical issues can be avoided

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