Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Something is wrong with me today

Early morning
Sent Dardar to work
& then bring Chili to VICOM for IU unit inspection

Got along the way
But took the wrong turn

After IU unit was fixed
Went back home
After I'd parked Chili
I realised I have to update my new IU unit # to HDB
So I drove off again

After the update
Returned home
Parked nicely in carpark
Off engine
Locked doors


Felt totally tok-gong
Because I have never been so tok-gong before!

So I went to DarDar's aunt's place to chit chat for a while
Before I return the car to DarDar for his afternoon lesson

I was quite pleased with today's traffic
Not sure if it is because I'm driving (pretty girls on road has advantages. BWAHHAHAHA)
or everyone was being nice
I got to honk at others because this cockster was not turning right when the green arrow was up!
& imagine that
I was 4 cars behind
4 honks at that cockster, the car behind the cockster, the car behind behind the cockster & the car in front of me
One honk to each

I think what causes accidents nowadays is the driver's failure to signal
In fact
I almost kissed twice
1 on the ass of an Estima
& another of a mini van
Not signalling at junction
Thought they are heading straight!
It's not smart to stop within 3 seconds before turning when the car behind is picking up speed, dont they know that?

Thank Dog I was safe

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