Monday, March 28, 2011

I am just giving myself 10 minutes to blog
Because I'd already used up 2 hours since I woke up to do grocery & all sorts
After 12pm
I shall work on my report

My lab is getting more & more rowdy
& I looooooooooove it
Compared to the status of lab 3 years ago
It was dead silent
But now I have labmates (& friends) to talk rubbish to
At least I'm no longer talking to my snails
& problem-solve together

So great fun!

One of our labmates is not entirely participating
While we shared thoughts about how to do good experiments
She couldnt accept what we told her about the inaccurate, illogical & irrelevant procedures in her experiments
She accused us for being racist
& obstracised herself from us
I didnt really care much about what she thought to do this
But I was uneasy initially because that means I'm losing a friend

The next few days came
& surprisingly
I was no longer her friend
She 'unfriend'ed me & the other labmates in Facebook


Other labmates & I discussed the probable issues we could have done to anger her
& thought of trying to 'make friends instead of enemy'
But then we realised that
She is all about herself
Her subconscious mind was telling her that we were against her

& since then
She really treated us like enemy
Never say 'Hello' never say 'Bye'
Only talked to us when she has problems
But so far think she's (i) doing well or (ii) didnt know she is doing everything wrongly because she hasnt talked to us for long

Frankly speaking
I like to help people
& I like to ask people why they do things like that because I DO NOT KNOW WHY YOU WANNA DO THINGS LIKE THAT
I asked because I really do not understand & expect you to enlighten me, not that I want to rebuke
Some people do not think this way
As such
I believe that's why I was also included in the 'unfriend' list even though I dont chat much with her

I am innocent

But seriously
I just shall not put in effort to help such nonsensical person
Only waste my all sorts of cells

I must really agree
Her experiments cannot make it


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