Tuesday, July 14, 2009

What's happening?
Where are you guys?

My snails had gone missing from my rock
Used to be hundreds
Now it's only tens!

The heavy downpour on Sunday couldnt have caused this
Because the abundance today is even lesser than that of yesterday
& there was no rain yesterday!

Ohgaki mentioned that 90% of the abundance in E. radiata had decreased after a heavy rain
This is true from my observation
But his abundance increased thereafter
Whereas mine?
It decreased further

I had to halt my data collection meanwhile
& return 2 weeks later

Right now
I'm starting to start my indoor experiments
Still cant start because my lab has almost nothing
Right now
I'm sourcing for lab items that we do not have
& why am I the one sourcing?
The lab technicians should be doing this!
It's bloody wasting my time doing all the liaisons

I can somehow start some of my experiments though
But the lab needs abit of cleanup
I also have to shift my hotplates, lamps & whatever outside the air-conditioned lab
Because I'm studying the thermal effect of snails
Low temperature affects!

Ah.. why dont I just do it at home?

Another collaborative project on the way
This is a major one
I hope I can get involved

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