Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Almost got shocked to death this morning
I thought my ceiling was going to collapse when I heard the loud drills above
I hid inside my blanket
& only realised


Woke up & changed almost instantly
Left for school
Never had such enthusiasm to go school ever

Wanted to calibrate the thermometer
Only to realise I cant do it!
Coz I cant bloody put the sensor into water of 40deg C

So now I'm in the dead lab
Working on the hot plate
My siamese fighting fish had apparently been playing with bubbles during my absence

I'm trying to get my target temperature of my granite tiles placed on a hot plate
The temperature scale of the laboratory hot plate ranges from 0 degC (OFF) to 300deg C
I want 30degC on my rock
With trial & error for 3 hours
I still cant get the temperature!!!
Why cant they make a hotplate with smaller temperature scale?!


Really wish to start working on my indoor expt soon
So I can too start to write up my 5 M&Ms
But equipments are lacking
Waiting for them to arrive one by one


Modules starting soon
Additional brain damage starting August

While I'm still perfectly sane
Please make my days cheerful

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