Monday, July 27, 2009

We had an unique visitor yesterday

An olive-backed sunbird (Nectarinia jugularis) flew into our house

Mum said that she saw this poor little bird stuck in between a huge plant
So she picked it out
It flew but landed at our window
Seems like it's a baby bird learning to fly
It then flew into our house
Knocked onto the wall
& dropped behind the TV cabinet

We thought it was dead

But then we heard it chirping few minutes later

We pushed it out of the cabinet gently
& it flew & knocked onto the door

I have a large tank in hand
& we placed the bird in for it to rest

At the corridor
There was constant chirping
A pair of sunbird was flying around
It's the Mama & Papa sunbird

The baby bird chirped to its parent's chirps
& the corridor was so 'chirpy' for the half hour

Baby bird tried to fly out of the tank
But it fell & landed on our flower pot rack
After few minutes
Baby bird flew off together with its parent
So scared it might have plunged down to death from 11th storey

I witnessed the whole searching process
So impressive
Even for birds
Parents dont give up on their baby

I believe they are gonna fly back
Because I hear them at the plant outside almost everyday

& I'm gonna get them a nest
Keeping birds as my 3rd pet?


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