Friday, July 10, 2009

Got to know this from my diver friend
They're heading to P. Mantanani this weekend
An island that I was damn desperate to go
& didnt have time to visit when I was in Sabah during May 09
In fact I'd mentioned about this island earlier on in my previous entries

P. Mantanani is popular for her wild residential dugongs
This diver friend told me a devasting news
Which made my heart crumbled almost instantly
He said that the villagers there are killing the dugongs
For food


I believe that the population of the dugongs there are not plenty either
& P. Mantanani had been on TV earlier
Documenting the only area with wild dugongs
Malaysia is so damn proud of it
So why are they eliminating them?

Dugongs are vulnerable to extinction
& now they're adding fuel to the fire!

DarDar said
Given there's no food for survival
One has to hunt

But that's also the reason how animals had led to extinction

I so wanna return Sabah
I want to see them

Seems like being an environmentalist/ ecologist is so damn busy
One has so many animals to care about
Seahores, dugongs, sharks & other endangered animals

If only humans can be wiser

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