Sunday, July 12, 2009

I didnt think that the rain can travel so fast from West to East within 30 minutes
This had seldom happened
Approximately 10% chances ever?

But today
The rain wanted to prove me wrong again

The sky was still pitch-dark when I was travelling along PIE
Until I reached Bedok
The sky looks pale orange

I only hoped that it doesnt rain at Pulau Ubin

When I reached Changi Point Ferry Terminal
It started raining
& then subsided
I looked across to Pulau Ubin
The heavy downpour had arrived

The raindrops were small but of large amount
It's like whoever's up there watering Earth's plants
The rain was also drifting in the direction from the wind

I was wet even while standing at the sheltered boarding platform


I quickly called my chauffeur in Pulau Ubin to cancel my trip
He too said it's thunderous heavy on the island
I then called my mainland chauffeur, who just left 15 minutes ago, to fetch me home


I was so tired that I fell asleep on the cab
& also collapsed immediately when I reached home
My whole body was like jellyfish
That might explain my exhaustion after 3 restless nights

I hope the weather is better tomorrow
& please dont screw my data collection

I guess my sampling rock is almost barren now
Given the heavy rain that could have dislodged all my littorinids
I had only less than 50 data yesterday instead of the usual hundreds!

Oh well
Mother Nature

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