Tuesday, February 07, 2012

I had some emotion roller coaster recently
But thanks to J who chatted with me
I sincerely thank all those who spoke to me & told me that not all things are perfect as it seems
I could have just forgotten about my own self & be naive

To cheer things up
Thanks Yasminne @ Class 95 for picking my story during Lunchbreak
& I won a $100 Phiten voucher just by sharing my work experience!
Sadly, I wasnt home to hear my story being read out
But thanks M for messaging me to tell me about it ;D

Here's what you can do to join in the sharing session on Lunchbreak!
print-screened off Facebook

I am so going shopping soon!

When there're sad moments, there're always happy moment awaiting
Life is never perfect but is balanced 
Life is never fair but is compromised
Live happy!

Here's my story to Yasminne

You may find it uploaded here later in the week too

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