Thursday, February 23, 2012

Do you know how it feels to be floating on the water surface surviving from clashing waves but not knowing where to go ashore?

I am having this feeling
All the time

I just received a message from an Australian friend
She asked if I'm done with my PhD
& she is eager to read my publications

I was touched
Knowing that, actually someone is anticipating it!

But at the same time
It is disappointing because my probably 1st paper had been rejected
& I have not been getting help to properly come out with a perfect one

Although I feel proud of my research
I feel loseric because I am not able to present myself as  I should be in the real scientific society

Why do some people's manuscript get published with ease?
But I have obstacles all the time?
It really saddens me
Demoralises me

What should I really do?

I'm so sick of my work now
Having doing the same thing for almost 5 years isnt as easy as one thinks
Things just get more complicated as you think more about it

Like my title says
Simple mind, complicated thoughts

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