Tuesday, February 14, 2012

On our way to Malaysia...
A stupid driver wanted to overtake our bus in a one-lane road at the roundabout
But drove too slow
Got nudged at its rear by our bus
& crashed up the curb & into the signage

Hello, can you people just drive normally?

After a 4 hours ride...
We reached Sungei Besi
Always like the view of the Petronas Twin Tower 

When you see view like this....
It's not your fuzzy vision
It's Genting Highlands!

The lack of sleep = small eyes >_<

Mum had a smashing good time bowling!
She said she used to bowl when she was young


Although it was a 2D1N trip
It was quite a time  for us to bond together
But it's getting dull in Genting Highlands already
Maybe we'll go somewhere next time

Penang, maybe?

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