Monday, February 20, 2012

Attended Pang Association Lunch (彭氏宗親會 ) in JB yesterday
A annual gathering of the people whose surname is Pang
My father-in-law is the chairman of the Association
This obviously called for an attendance within his own family!

Woke up early so we escaped the jam along causeway
Luckily i still looked not bad :p

The lunch was going to start at 2
so before that
we had a stroll at the JB premium outlets
Finally got the chance to look at the items in Coach & Burberry

We only made a short window-shopping walk at level 1
& got to our location for lunch
There was lion dances
& the lion was PINK!
cute la!!

The event was coupled with singing competition
& every singer sang damn well
It wasnt those chicken-slaughtering session where you had to cover your ears while feeding
so overall the event was rather enjoyable!

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