Wednesday, February 10, 2010

I'd actually forgotten to update that I was going to Taiwan last week
& here I am back in Singapore already!

The trip was OK la
Wasnt really that superb
Probably because it's a Asian-Chinese country
Where culture is expected
So it wasnt really a much anticipated trip

DarDar & I went there with a 'mission'
& the activities are so tiring at the end of the day
To make it slightly worse
We have to repeat it on Day 2

There seems to have plenty of food to eat
But we're so full after each snack that I believe we only tried 5% of the selection
On the last night
We planned to have decent meals
& we had steamboat
Best meal ever

Know what?
I finally found Husky cafe!
I missed the cafe in Hong Kong 4 times in a row whenever I'm back in Hong Kong
Either I got lost in the area or that the shop was not opened
But luckily I'd found the HQ in Taiwan

We also traveled to Keelung
I prefer Keelung to Taipei
Less crowded but more exciting
Best of all
It's next to the sea

I better not update too much
Still need time to sort out the photos we took
Till then

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