Wednesday, February 17, 2010

This New Year is probably one of the best years that I've ever had after I got married

I didnt do any home-visit this time round
Not even back to my in-law's house
Not being rude
But I'm forbidden to do home-visits due to the death of my grandaunt

I'm not really concern about my Ang Pao collection
Although this is my final year of receiving it
So what?
I'm not used to getting it all the while anyway
Just run about from house to house to receive an extra $100 once a year
I might as well work harder to achieve for a pay rise
Now, isnt that a smarter choice?

Although it's a supposedly happy occasion
It's not a happy one for me
Due to something personal that occurred to me
I thought the pain has gone
But it recurred whenever someone speaks nasty to me
Blaming me for the faults
Making me think 'Yes, it's my fault'

Right now
I'm still in a daze, somehow
Time seems to fly pretty fast
February is almost gone
I'd achieved nothing this month

I could just smile to myself in the mirror
& recall the bits & pieces of the memories that passed

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