Thursday, February 11, 2010

I aint in the mood to update my Taiwan trip

I'm totally devastated
Just as I'd finally accepted the fact a month ago
& am starting to anticipate
I have to accept another one
This time
Unexpectedly cruel

I dont know how to tell my friends who know about it
Because I know once I say
I will start pouring
But I wish to talk to someone about it

I was told no one is to blame for it
But I just cannot stop thinking about it
Could it also be the myth that I wasnt superstitious about?

I thank Michelle for today
Though I didnt speak much
But it was all heart-felt

My eyes are sore from the endless flow of tears

I seriously didnt expect 2010 to be this bad
But now
I really cannot deny

I wont be celebrating Chinese New Year this time round
I just dont wish to be the person dampening the atmosphere

I hope things will go brighter

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