Saturday, December 25, 2010

These 2 days
I have been exploring places near my house
I am so happy that there is a wetland park at where I am staying
This wetland park is one of the RAMSAR sites
where birds are sighted to visit en route their migratory paths
I was also happy that I got student ticket by showing them my International Student Card ;D

I didnt get to see the black-face spoonbills though
The last time it was in the wetland was on 29 Nov 2010
They're not around for the whole of December!
I kinda enjoy the trip
Although I was alone
I really like the place
The indoor interactive gallery is awesome

& on another day
I went for the Ping Shan heritage trail
I entered the old village & passed by ancient historical buildings left 700 years ago

Upon seeing all these houses
They reminded me of my village in China
Even the smell of it is exactly similar
Ahhh... kinda missed being back

There's just another week to be back in Singapore
& I'm so gonna explore most of the rarely visited places
so that I can bring DarDar here the next time we are back! ;D

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