Friday, December 03, 2010

I have been very busy seriously
Busy with my experiments
At some point of time
It was really pissing me off because it takes soooooooooooooo long to run one!
What's even more pissed off is that
I was being put aeroplane several times
Which caused a delay in running the experiment

So in the end
I devoted myself into it totally
& did it all by myself

I even decided to stay in SWIMS
Something which I'd never wanted to because of its seclusion
Well, actually
It isnt that bad afterall
Leaving the lab late at 10pm, sleep for as long as 8 hours, & reaching the lab early at 8am again
Beautiful morning scenery from the top (where the rooms are)

I was so naive to have rejected this idea
It was the food sources that disgust me
Because, there's simply no food!
I have to buy food in to eat
& frankly, I've been on high sodium diet for the past few days
Think my kidneys have been working too hard
& now, as of today
I'm desperate for veggies
I want greens!

Tonight will be my last night at SWIMS
This is gonna be 1) happy & 2) sad
1) happy because it means that my experiment is completed,other than having to repeat some others for qualitative confirmation
2) sad because I think I'd settled down in SWIMS

This trip back in HK is just so weird
Everything looks so familiar but at the same time, isolated
When I'm picking things up, I'm getting used to it
But when I've already gotten used to it, I have to learn new things
So probably, in the end, it is just memories rather than experience

Just another month
& I'll be home
I hope everything goes well & smooth
Cant ask for more, seriously

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