Friday, July 01, 2011

I wonder if anyone is still reading this

Facebook had totally taken over the meaning to blog because everyone can just get updated via statuses
However,if one wants to vent like me, planning to write a whole chunk of words, i bet a blog is still needed

Pardon me for not updating
Although you may have read from my Facebook statuses
I think I shall also talk something here

Had been really busy for the past month
Was rushing 3 sets of experiments
& finally
I got to rest before i am going to start again

In 3 weeks time
i'm heading to Russia for my conference
Which sounds exciting & not-exciting at the same time

It'd always been a dream to visit such far & exotic places
& I'm glad I've finally gotten the chance
But as I am preparing the trip
Alot of hiccups are occuring
All because of the stupid VISA
The Embassy has this Express VISA service which I can get it within 3 days, at a charge doubled the normal

I think I shouldnt care so much about the cost now for if I even get stingy about just a $140
I'm forging an entire trip of $3000
As well as an opportunity of a lifetime


I still have 20 days to work things out

& hopefully the courier doesnt screw things up!!

I am going insane
To say
I still thought I can sit down & do some writing
But with my frantic piece of mind
This is unlikely
What the hell

Peace be with me, Please

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