Friday, December 05, 2014

It was a random Thursday
& suddenly, I felt like going to the farms
As it is school holidays too
I brought my niece and nephew along

Our first stop was to Hays dairy farm
The only local farm that supplies fresh goat's milk
The farm is open to public
There used to be feeding sessions but lately, AVA had ordered to stop human-animal interaction in fear of possible virus spread
But this didnt stop most visitors from enjoying their day there

The farm is open every day except Tuesday
& viewing of milking is available from 9am to 11am
We arrived Hays at 1040am
But we missed the last batch
They had kept all goats & were washing the equipments already

We had a walk around the pens
Imitated how the goats 'meeehhhh'
Which surprisingly, some 'mmmeeehhh'-ed back
Bought a small bottle of goat's milk to try - plain & chocolate flavour

I was very surprised it didnt have any goat's taste & i finished half of the bottle!
Niece & nephew enjoyed it too

Next, we went to Gardenasia for lunch
Our cousin is working there, so it made a great opportunity for us to visit

The places we visited were actually noy far from one another
Just a few metres down, we came to Aerogreen hydroponics where the kids got to see how vegetables are grown

Just next door, is the Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve
It is one of my favourite places in Singapore that is closest to being overseas and filled with natural wonders
I taught the kids how mangrove trees adapt to seawater
And explain why Sungei Buloh is an important place for most birds
Amidst the 'lesson', we witnessed 2 monitor lizards fighting
Probably a male-male competition
The kids were extremely excited and kept saying they just watched a good movie

Last few stops - aquarium fishes
Firstly, we went to Coral farm to see marine fishes
Frankly speaking, we were almost in SEA Aquarium
They have almost all species of fishes colected there

& our last stop - Qian Hu fish farm
Freshwater fishes

They were having so much fun with this luo han which follows their fingers along the glass 

It was a fun day with our nephew & niece
I hope they enjoyed the trip too
Best of all, these places are free and educational
What beats learning more fun than doing it outdoor?


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