Friday, May 25, 2012

It's funny how I can no longer rant as much as I could in my blog like 10 years ago

Yes, I started blogging at 18

When I looked at my old blog entries
I laughed
They were so funny
Laughed at what I did
Laughed at what my friends did to me
Laughed at how funny my narrations were
Laughed at how bad my English was

These funny stocks can no loner be found in my current new blog
Not exactly new
But I ended my 'Le Monde Perdu Sans Retour' after I left the plane back Singapore
That blog described my 3 years of life in Hong Kong, & slightly some in Singapore before I left for my Uni
Blogger seems to have remove my archives, which means none can read how stupid I was

It still has my last 5 blog entries to 'hold' the blog
Abit disappointed that my memories were gone
But it's ok
Thinking back
It was just some young girl stupid rantings that probably hurt someone without senses

I hereby apologise

This 'Simple Mind, Complicated thoughts' blog is made once I reached Singapore
& I havent been a good one since  then
While social media now spreads like wild fire
There're alot of things that I have to say with care
& while my life is not so much influenced by the society
& mainly focused with traveling & diving
I guess no one probably reads about my trips since every entry will be the same
& thus I got too lazy to blog ever
 Just some random photos to illustrate
For 'a picture speaks a thousand words'
It did my job

I could probably abandon this, in time to come
But undecided

Then again, maybe I can keep this open in case I needa rant anytime

I hope there're people reading!


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