Friday, January 21, 2011

I thought it would be just great to take a short break from my 3-months overseas proteomics work
little did I know that 2011 is so filled with more work!

I am going to 2 major conferences this year
& their deadlines were pushy
One of them has a deadline for registration on 31 Jan 2011

That I'd done & sent to Prof for inspection
Who knows
In return
I was given another big problem to solve because my manuscript was rejected without giving us any chance to rebute!
Prof was damn pissed about it
I was not happy about it
I followed the same methods that other researchers did
If he meant that my methods were inappropriate
Then I think the whole history of this particular methodology is gonna be revised

So anyway
Prof was eager to help to fight back
Asking me to give her a list of papers which mentioned that particular methods
& I rushed within an hour to give her that, before I left for dinner last night

& just now
I opened an email from from ISOLBE
One of the meetings which I'd attended 3 years ago & am going this year
& was told that the deadline for the application of travel grant ends on 31 Jan 2011


Why such short notice?
I'm so tensed up
Because I'm going to enjoy with my DarDar

I am those weirdos who would prefer to work hard before relax
So all these issues had gotten me worried! panicking! vexed!
Fearing that I cant do a good job when I'm back on Sunday

& next week
It is Chinese New Year
Another holiday to waste time on
& I really wish I can settle down
& do my work wholeheartedly

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